Project Management

Our experienced Project Managers provide timely updates on the progress of your order. They communicate timelines, coordinate logistics, anticipate and solve problems. They are the front line making sure your expectations are met.

Move Management

Moving can be painful, complex, and time sensitive! Our time tested blueprint will help make sure you don’t hit pitfalls along the way. “Smooth moves” are important. Plus, we can advise you regarding data/electrical interface with our furniture for your computers, phone systems, servers, and more.


Delivery and Installation

We have our own warehouse/installation crew, and when we use third party services, we use only those with which we have a trusted relationship. It’s hands on, all the way.

One of our points of pride is that after over 50 years in business, we can do a professional furniture installation ANYWHERE in the country. We have a dossier of inter-market partners who can set your office up from Maine to California, all certified by us and project managed by us. Call us to discuss details for national account programs.


Adding personnel, changing space requirements, or just need a better work flow, our expert installation and service team will do this at your convenience – after hours, on weekends, whenever you request.


Finally a service to perform those small jobs. Let us hang photos, move boxes, get lunch. Two hour minimum required.

Repair/Warranty Support

Broken caster? Locked drawer and no key? File drawer stuck? These are everyday annoyances that can even be safety or security concerns. Contact us – we can fix almost anything, no matter who the manufacturer is. And our rates are very reasonable. We can also refinish wood surfaces and electrostatically re-paint steel file cabinets and desks.

Furniture Appraisals

If your firm is downsizing, moving, dismantling, or otherwise changing, you may need our appraisal service to give you a current market value. Our appraisal service is very reasonable.


Excess Furniture to dispose of? We can help.

BIO Disinfecting Used Furniture

There is no “car-fax” service in the office furniture industry, so that furniture could have been full of germs, mold spores, amd regular dirt and grime. We can clean it.