Our professional team of college trained and business savvy designers will make your work space come alive as a dynamic, attractive, and functional environment.

Space Planning

Need to fit more people into your space, without having them feel like sardines? That’s our job!

2D and 3D Rendering

Office layouts are our business – not yours. We will create 2D and 3D layouts with proper measurements and professional advice – so you know exactly how and why we propose to set your space up.

Selection Assistance

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of furniture manufactures and sources throught the world. With 50 plus years in the business, we know what products to pick at what price points and quality levels to make sure your office environment is the most efficient, attractive, and affordable.


Changing, updating, or adding people? We can take care of it – after hours, if it’s less disrupting to your office environment!

IT Interface

Moving and reconfiguring furniture is one thing. Making sure that your phone system, computers, printers, and servers are connected, well placed, and functioning quickly after a move or expansion is a bit more sophisticated of an operation.

Our IT partners can assist all the way from pre-planning through disconnecting, moving, reconnecting , and final phase installation.

Ergonomic Evaluation

Now, dynamic products are constantly coming out into the market that can make your workspace more “human friendly”.
Contact us for a quick evaluation of how you work and how it can be easier/better/more employee-centric. You will hear and see the latest in Sit-to-Stand workstations, articulating keyboards, infinite position monitor arms, and more.

Test Fit Planning

How many people can we productively fit into your space? We will work with you to find the answer for you!

Standards Programs

Maybe you’ve bought furniture piece meal over the years and it’s time to make a plan. A “Standards Menu” for your company’s furniture. Then it can be moved across the hall, or across the country, and “plugged in” immediately. We can create that buying program for you!